Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How cold it has become.

Sitting in my flat with teeth chattering has made me realise just how cold it has become over the last couple of days. I live in Melbourne, which is infamous for slate grey winter skies and streets packed full of black swaying coats as people hustle up and down them.

This winter and the rain it brings are exactly what Australia hungers for at the moment and although it is cold and my teeth do chatter, I don´t mind that much.

This month is my semester break and I am taking the opportunity to work everyday I can. I am saving my money for an overseas adventure at the end of the year. Latin America, particularly Chile, Peru ,Bolivia and Argentina are high on the agenda and I just need to get some pesos together.

On the story front, two of the short stories I had finished were met with praise from my friends who also write. They said I need to fix a few things here and there. I should have been happy with this, but alas I am not. Perfectionism for me is somewhat of a vice and the idea of rewriting sections and editing do not sit very well. I think it is a lesson that I will need to learn..

I´ll add it to a growing list.

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