Saturday, November 7, 2009


A quick break from some last minute study.

I love Sia. She´s originally from Adelaide, she has an amazing voice and seems to be completely mental.

It´s great when you come across an artist with a bit of spark and originality.
As you can see , her latest cd ´Some people have real problems´ is very adaptly named in modern times.
Find her on

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catch up.

Although it was a while ago - I thought I´d upload at least one picture from the States.

Just three major assignments and one week seperate me from finishing this Masters. Counting down the days seems to be an understatement.

I´ve moved back from Melbourne to Adelaide, where I am from originally and have already found a job. No more poor student life for me , ever. Not a materialistic person by any stretch, but how I´ve missed money and the agency it gives.
This is round 3 for me living in Adelaide. Two years ago I would have said two rounds too many, but it has been great so far - that said, I have only been back for a week. The weather and the beach have both been great after a winter in Melbourne spent under a slate sky and hiding in doorways to escape the rain.

On a completely seperate note, I thought I would have my first gripe of this blog and it is firmly directed at the saturation of the marketplace here in Australia with all things breast cancer related.

Before I begin, breast cancer is tragic and the Pink Ribbon campaign is rightly raising funds for research into it, but I can´t help but feel a litle disturbed at how many companies are coming up with products or modifying their own products in the aim of promoting breast cancer / Pink Ribbon awareness.

From TicTac

To bottled water:

To paper towels:

It seems that everyone in on the bandwagon and that makes me think: How bankable is charity?
The Pink Ribbon campaign is incredibly well known here in Australia. Is this an attempt to sincerely sponsor the charity or boost sales?

Will we ever see the same attention paid to other cancers such as prostate, testicular or colon for example?

This month is Movember ( which aims to raise funds and awareness of mens health as well as mental illness ( Movember encourages men to grow a moustache for one month while attracting sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues etc..
If even 5% of the attention could be redistributed to other cancers and causes then there would
a good chance of really promoting awareness and hopefully saving lives.

Just a thought.