Wednesday, April 1, 2009

.. and as they all rushed forward over the ridge to claim what was now theirs , they, for the first time saw what it really was. The barrenness that now greeted them, put a lot of things into perspective, the value of a name and another the mentality of the masses.

Turning to each other, they realised what a dangerous combination they were.


I should be doing my assignments. This I know, but to be honest, I am not finding this degree particularly interesting.

Welcome to my very theoritical Masters. Sometimes I wonder if anyone has actually worked in the field at all. Soon I must write a research proposal. My Masters is not actually research based and this research task will never actually be researched. But it makes one of my lecturers feel a bit important. So why not? Bang it into the compulsory subjects list.

Maybe I should drop out.I had thought about it, but seeing as I have already invested the money into it and I know that a nice, shiny new Masters from this University will go along way in my area - it is just a matter of plouging through it.

In class , I look around and see the foreign students who are , for the most part, paying a fortune for this course. The smell of easy money wafts down the faculty corridors.

This degree and others, it seems have been plastered together in an animate form to create what can only be described as a cash cow and is the University milking it!

All this aside - life goes on. I am now working and I love it.

The relationship grows and strengthens as it takes its course. Around it all , for me at least, it this newly acquired sense of vulnerablity. This is a first for me. Being in control has always been my goal and now to let it slide a little from my hands and meet someone elses in the middle, is a strange sensation.

We are different people. Completely different. Reflecting on this , it is an exciting challenge, but it is also an obstacle of sorts.

Oh well, let´s see..