Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trip

Since being back in Australia, I´ve missed my friends. One in particular.

We always had this plan to do a road trip and after thinking too much about it, I have decided that I am going to go. So I´m set. I am flying to L.A in the first week of September for two weeks.

I want to go out into the desert and visit some of the amazing sights. Monument Valley and Zion National Park are high on my list. I´ve been to the States before and although I didn´t really think much of the place before I went , I soon began to love it. The scenery is amazing.


On another note, my long time unrequented love called me on Skype the other day just for a chat and although I am very happy in my current relationship, I couldn´t help but feel an old fire stirring.

I let how I felt slip the last time we spoke and that was met with awkwardness.

We never had, or will have a relationship ,so how can it have that effect?

How can I , who have convinced myself that I have come so far, be instantly brought back to where I was before?

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