Friday, May 8, 2009


Late Sunday night my friend offered to give me a lift to the train station.

We had spent the whole weekend catching up and he gave me a lot of good advice - advice that I had probably ignored too long to be honest. It was the kind of advice that once your hear it, it echoes throughout your mind for weeks on end, bumping and reverberating until finally it settles.
It was advice about taking chances.

Then sitting in the car, I was flashing back to our conversation earlier that night when we hit a semitrailer as we merged lanes. It was the result of a spilt second decision. An serious error based on a thought conjured up in a nanosecond.
The car skidded and slide across the road under the momentum of the trailer until we went up onto the pavement and luckily neither of us or the truck driver were injured. It could have been very serious if some other variables ( the location of street lights and fences for example) had come into play.

So much for taking chances. How can such small actions sometimes have such big consequences?

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