Sunday, December 21, 2008

What now?

When things happen in this life, they are normally, never to be expected. Receiving a letter explaining the rejection of the renewal of my residency status here in Spain put me into a spin. Within the space of two days I needed to make plans to cancel my trip to Turkey, quit my job and organise my way back to Australia. Tomorrow is my last day in Spain and I have quite a list of things to do. There is a box to be sent and things to be thrown out or given away. I am , at present, scrabbling to find something to cling to and there seems to be no certainity on the horizon except uncertainity. Things have just changed far too fast for my liking.

This next step, this fast approaching turn along the road, is not very well signposted. I will spend Christmas with my family for the first time in years and go from there.

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