Saturday, December 6, 2008

A city and a friend in black and white.

A friend´s visit was a great opportunity to take some photos of my new city. Like a chance to view everything again through the eyes of a new arrival - I got to see a lot of things in a different light.

It was also great to see how grown up we have both become. I used to be worried about the idea of getting older, now I embrace it. It seems, somehow, things are sorted in a way I didn´t really expect. A pleasant suprise.

Work is wrapping up soon and then I am off to Turkey. It is a country that I really love . It will be a great place to pratice my budding photography interest.

There are hundreds more photos to post. I´ll will try and work through the ones I like and then add them as I go along.

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The Prodigal Tourist said...

Nice photo, like the black & white. Though you didn't say where it was?