Sunday, April 25, 2010

You in a book.

Before writing, I´d notice little things like funny conversations on the bus or odd things on the street. Sometimes I´d note them , but most of the time they would just slip from my mind. Lately that´s changed and I feel a renewed curiousity towards everything. Writing is a great way to improve your skills of observation of the world, but also a vessel in which to observe yourself.

Currently a character of mine is reflecting on a moment spent repairing a car with his father. Like a flash of light, the images of my own childhood came back. Trying to work these into the story without being too real is an interesting challenge. Autobiographies, as a genre of book, have never really interested me. In the past, I have found them to be too dry and heavily scripted. The person usually comes off as a lighter shade of themself. However, I like the idea of introducing autobiographical elements to work.

Where do you fit in your work? Should your work be somewhat autobiographical or does there need to be distance between the writer and their work?

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