Sunday, April 18, 2010

The character without a purpose

This is a big no no as I have read.  Although off the page, mysteries abound, none can be left in the story.  Everything has its reason and purpose.

I wanted a character to wander as we do in real life. We  all stroll, get lost and ,hopefully ,don´t end up in a ditch.  The writing gurus shake their heads in unison. ´Motive´  they chant.  You would think finding a motive for every character would be simple. There would be those characters who want to be loved or avenged etc, but what happens to those who don´t know what they want?

This is where the gurus and I differ. Our real world is filled with those who are half sure or not completely sold on the idea or situation. The question is -  how do you factor them into writing?

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Cynthia Reese said...

I guess an 80K novel is just too short for people to have no real purpose -- or words to have no real purpose. I love those random characters, but they always get the axe, and only afterwards do I see that my editor, sigh, was too right.