Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Over the overthink.

My mind times a million more overpasses.

I started planning this post long after midnight. Talk about overthinking.

Only two more months and then I am finished out here. I can go back to our place in the city.  This long distance relationship has worked quite well as times, but lately it feels like a disaster.  For me, disasters equal overthinks.

Key stumbling blocks:


I want to go away this Christmas. The other doesn´t have the time. I want to work overseas again. The other doesn´t have the career opportunities to do it.


My work opportunities are somewhat limited in Adelaide. The other works for a good company with good prospects. I am ready to branch out somewhere new, meet new people etc.. The other needs to stay in our city for career development. The other seems happy with a limited number of friends.

It looks bleak, but at the end of the day I want to continue this relationship.  We get on very well together and I haven´t felt this way before. Right now I am unsure of how to balance these issues.

I'm looking at short term contracts overseas (like the China post). I hope that this is enough to let me travel a little but not be away too long. The question is whether this is just a Band Aid solution.

How long can a long distance relationship be?

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