Tuesday, June 22, 2010


An opportunity has come up to for me to work in China at the end of the year. I´ve worked with a lot of Chinese in the past and I have always wanted to go. The Harbin Ice Festival ( pictured above) is probably one of things I want to see most, probably because I come from a corner of the world where it barely rains, let alone snows! Tsingtao beer is another movitating factor - love that stuff.

Apart from the obvious attraction of a real winter with snow and ice, I am really keen to get overseas again.  I see a lot of backpackers loitering around train stations and bus stops here in the city and I am really envious of them. However, being settled does have its advantages - no bed bugs being a notable one.

More details to follow on that development.


The book goes on. It´s over a third written and 70% planned. The final 30 percent of the planning still haunts me in my sleep. Not sure how it´s going to end.

 I´ve really got into reading other peoples´ blogs and some have mentioned this - National Novel Writing Month  or NaNoWriMo which is still a mouthfull. Basically  the aim through November  is for participants write a  completlely new, totally original novel.  Firstly, what a cool idea. I am sure there´s loads of support with other writers too. Secondly - I might be in China writing a novel in a month and it would be freezing so even more reason to write!

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