Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New year, new project.

To be writing my first post for 2010 on the 11th of March is probably a little slack. Sorry.

I have moved back to Adelaide and am now working. You would think with all my free time, I would have updated this blog.You would have thought wrong.

It´s funny how things impact your life. I really wanted to develop this blog, but I guess other things got in the way.

Well now I am back. Back to square 1. Back to basics. Back.

This year is all about writing for me. Writing, improving on my writing and learning about how the writing industry works.

At the moment, I am tinkering with an idea. It´s in gestation and the moment and I am predicting the birth of a book at sometime in the near future. I have never been so focussed and it seems everytime there is an opportunity to sit down, I am back onto the idea again.

I will be linking a lot of writing resources that I have found in the last couple of months to this blog and if you are out there and tapping away at a major piece, I´d like to hear about it.

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