Monday, January 12, 2009

Mending Fences.

I have caught up with a lot of my old friends and in the years that have past it seems that there have been a couple of incidents. In the backcatalogue of our group there seems to be some dents and scratches that weren´t there before. I didn´t want to pry - let sleeping dogs lie, but I must admit I was curious as to why some people now behave in a different way when they are around some of our other mutual friends.
It seems perspective can be as much of a hinderance as it is a gift and although some people may ask for your advice, they really don´t want to hear it. Maybe it is just that as we get older things seem a bit more complex now. I don´t know.
I would like to think that because I have missed out on the goingons I could play a role to help mend some fences.

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